A Unit of Liver Foundation, West Bengal

Message From Principal, CINHS

We the Team of Chandrakant Institute of nursing and Health Sciences, Sonarpur believe in and are committed to work for overall development of the students. The Institution is well equipped with the facility of laboratories with high quality equipments. The Institute is having one of the Best Nursing Library with latest edition books being added each year. It is enriched with International and National Journals. It is equipped with Computer with internet facilities. The Library facilities are available from 9am to 6 pm. We are committed to inculcate strong moral and ethical values in our Nursing students, which are essential to make them dedicated Nurses. We work for the overall development of Personality of the students by not only focussing on academics but also involving the students in lots of co-curricular activities including cultural activities and sports. There are lot of Community activities organized by the students. It involves Public awareness programs based on the identified needs of the Community and exhibitions and street plays on important National Health Days. The Institution also promotes for the Development of their Faculty by encouraging participation in various International and National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
All the Best